Barcelona, the cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia region, is known for its art and architecture. Barcelona Spain is known for the fantastical Sagrada Família church and other modernist landmarks designed by Antoni Gaudí dot the Barcelona City. Museu Picasso and Fundació Joan Miró feature modern art by their namesakes. Barcelona’s history museum MUHBA includes several Roman archaeological sites. Top places in the Barcelona 8K includes Aerial Spain Barcelona. Aerial video of downtown Barcelona in Spain on a beautiful sunny day. Aerial view of Barcelona city at Sagrada Familia neighborhood in Barcelona, Spain. Aerial rising shot of Plaza de Espana in Barcelona, Spain.

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Tips on How to Save Money and how to make money for your next dream travels
The first aspect is for you to figure out how much money you need to save which depends on where you planning to travel and how much fun you want to have in your travel. Whatever your plans may be: it’s best to have a plan in place.
Create a saving plan which will help you to accumulate money for travel
-Assessment of the cost of your trips
-Set financial goals
-Create a saving plan
-Implement your travel money goals
-Monitor and reassess your travel money goals
Adhere to your saving plans for your next dream travels
-Saving money is slow but you can do it if you set a goal by
reducing your expenditures, selling some stuff, and earning some extra income.
Start a dedicated travel fund
-You can potentially create your travel savings bank account and save on a monthly or weekly basis even if it’s just $10. Make it fun, habit, natural, painless, and Revel its growth over time.
Additional Tips
-Reduce your utility bills
The average utility bill in the US ranges from $90 to $140 a month. If you reduce 15% off your money by doing fewer loads of laundry and conserving energy, you could add around $225 to your savings, annually.
-Invest in Real Estate or other asset classes so that you can potentially have a passive income that allows you to travel.
-build an online business like Amazon FBA, dropshipping, blogging, or your own eCommerce store that will generate enough money for your travels.
-Reduce the cost of your gym membership
-Save on clothing expenses
Finally, be financially efficient. Watching your friends go out overnight to buy expensive electronics, pricey cocktails, and new boots will make it a little hard to save. Plan your trips: by budgeting both time and money, you will have a wonderful experience in your travels.

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